Our Values

& to evolve…

Individual & Community Health

Anam Beo value arts and culture, to encourage individuality and a community voice for older adults. Through deep listening, engagement, critical thinking, and communication we believe the arts enrich societal health and contemporary culture. We value its benefits to participants and to be part of an inclusive society.

Arts Practices

We value and have a duty of care to artists. The organisation provides a conduit for an arts and health environment for quality experiences for older people, from planning through to outcomes, research, documentation and evaluation. Anam Beo work with professional arts practices that have an empathy to the individuals and the community they work with.


We value collaboration and listen to all involved in our projects and programme, the participants, artists, management and key staff, agencies and organisations that we work with. Collectively and collaboratively networking nationally, providing an arts service that enhances wellbeing and contemporary culture for older adults.


Participation and consultation within an arts practice is a core value. We enable accessible arts which bring artists together with specific groups of people in a mutually beneficial two-way engagement that nurtures and values the different ideas, experiences and skills of those involved.

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