“It’s not all about us, the artists, but all individual’s involved”


Anam Beo is an arts organisation that encourages self activations & empowerment through meaningful engagements with consultative arts practices.

Artists facilitate arts inclusion with the delivery of collaborative projects and artists initiatives in care & community settings.

Each facilitating artist must possess warmth & empathy with respect for the individuals and a trust in the creative and artistic process. With generously living together, the artist’s practice facilitates individual expression & the creation of artworks in a safe and socially inclusive environment.


  • To always recognise the creative potential within the individual & community.
  • To challenge perceptions of what it means to be older and creative by involving participants from care centres & our community in an our programme with arts practices & events.
  • To enhance the quality of life within the healthcare environment, ensuring a secure space for art sessions, assisted by the centre & key staff.
  • Demonstrate collaborative, socially alert arts practices, for durational specific activisms with an evolving artists collective, initiating dynamic spaces for reflective artistic outcomes with, in & for communities.
  • Collaborations to explore, encourage & promote community empowerment & expression by initiating conversations, critical thinking & voice the benefits arts & culture play.
  • To network, exchange knowledge, expertise & ideas with participants, artists, peers, partners & relevant bodies.
  • To provide training & support for artists and individuals.
  • To demonstrate through best practice the benefits of local partnership projects & further develop links with institutions, organisations, individuals & artists.
  • To be progressive, define, share & promote best practice of process led art sessions, listen & learn, evaluate & update our programme.

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