Artists Initiatives

“Art is a form of communication & connectedness & its contribution to the wellbeing of society has never been more evident or needed. Generously living together, through meaningful engagements with socially engaged artists.”

Artists initiatives are more than just time specific projects or engagements. They aspire to be wider reaching and to have a ripple effect, to challenge ageism, perceptions of what it means to be old and what it means to be creative. Anam Beo advocate skill sharing, social innovations, investment and resources for facilities and services through meaningful creative engagements with consultative arts practices.

Reconnect with…

Conversations for YOUR Doorstep

A Creative Charter


Activate… a conscious place for living as an artist, a creative & a community member.

Got it? a Health Literacy investigation.

Get Togethers

A Place to Sit

Music & Movement

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